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Cost Effective

You will be surprised just how little our system is to run. As digitalsignage.NET by dynamax is a SaaS system there are no software licenses to buy. Budget is generally from operational expenditure (OPEX) rather than capital expenditure (CAPEX) meaning budgetary approval is easier.

Designed for the Cloud

Designed for the Cloud

Designed from the ground up to run in the cloud; digitalsignage.NET by dynamax brings unprecedented levels of scalability & reliability to digital signage. Operating multiple virtualised servers in up to 6 data centres simultaneously around the world, you are connected to the data centre best for you. Data is automatically backed up and replicated so you don’t have to worry.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Designed to be simple to operate, but with all the power & flexibility from our Enterprise pedigree.



Content that plays within the system can be logged and this data can be mined to provide statistical data reporting.



Schedule what you want when you want with a simple scheduling tool.



We have not forgotten our lineage. Just as capable of running a successful advertising based network as our existing on premise enterprise class application POVng, you can trust digitalsignage.NET to really help with your ROI


Media Support

Full Support for all modern media formats (including HD) including video, bitmaps, and much more.


Full User rights assignment

Every element within the system can be secured for individual groups or users, so that you can design a workflow that fits in with our needs. With digitalsignage.NET its a snap.

Health Monitoring

System Health Monitoring

The system monitors all digitalsignage.NET players for their health status and any errors or anomalies are emailed to your nominated technical support people in the event of an issue. If you wish we can also be informed for proactive critical monitoring.



All user transactions are transmitted over a 2048 bit HTTPS encrypted connection meaning that your account cannot be compromised or accessed without your permission.



Welcome to digital signage 2.0. Rather than creating simple playlists, you can if you so wish apply metadata to elements so that playback evaluation is taken at the point of playlist generation or even playback.

About digitalsignage.NET

Our Cloud digitalsignage.NET Software as a Service (SaaS), has fast become the market leader and our best seller providing many clients with a scalable and manageable platform, with a simple & easy to use interface to deploy multimedia basic layouts on the SMIL API Network and devices.

HD Embedded Spec

Spec for digitalsignage.NET-HD Embedded Player (Cloud Digital Signage (SaaS))
Product: DSNET-HD1, HD2 or HD3 SMIL Player
• Unlimited uploads, Storage 5 GB (Fair Usage Policy)
• Multiple administrators & users
• Supports: JPEG, Video, H254, MPEG4m Bitmaps and scolling text
• Meta data (SMIL)
• Play list triggered interruption
• Single media zones
• Scheduling, Health Check, Reporting, Email Alert

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