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Key features
- Balloon colour’s are changed by LED's inside the Qview
- Self standing on the floor/ground or mounting on base/wall.
- Crisp, clear video picture on the screen
- Interactive led light flashes in rhythm to the music
- Ability to use one stationary colour
- Air inside balloon is constantly refilled.
- Easy quick installation
- Online networking available (option)

Cameo Q

CAMEO Q is full color LED Qview which displays crisp and clear video picture, various colors are back lit and change in sequence. Specialty audio sensors are contained within this product which controls led light flash speed in rhythm to the music. Although suitable for events, clubs, malls etc... it can also be applied to concert venues. Cameo Q is the perfect advertisement medium due to its eye catching nature.

LED Features

High end chip led (RGB 3in1)
Various 7 colors are flashed in sequence
Able to fix one color among seven colors
Interactive led color changes in rhythm to music
Long life span over 50,000 hours (over 8 years)
Very low power consumption with a 12 Volt input (in case of 1.5 meters Cameo Q, a 16 watt input is required)

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Virtual mannequins are an ideal, interactive display to inform customers, visitors
and guests. Whether promoting special offers, in-store promotions or being used
as entertainment at special events, the virtual mannequin is the ideal medium to
deliver your message.

Complete with the Epson 460 projector and award winning 3 year lamp warranty
in the UK, the virtual mannequin also includes HD content media player and

The virtual mannequin requires no installation - simply move into position, plug in and play.
Supplied as a stand-alone unit at a depth of 750mm and width of 550mm, our demonstration
model also stands at 1775mm high (mannequin only).

Hardware Spec


15mm thickness clear cast acrylic silhouette
Vinyl printed ‘trousers’
Self-adhesive, high-contrast, rear projection screen
Fixings to secure to cabinet (as per illustration)


2mm gauge mild steel cabinet and legs
5mm gauge mild steel base
Powder-coated in white as standard with custom
colours available upon request


Epson ultra-short throw projector with three year
lamp warranty
Digital media player
Loudspeaker system
Cooling system
Remote control for projector settings and volume

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