East End Foods uses digitalsignage.NET by Dynamax and digital posters from Chamber TV to inform customers in its cash & carry outlets

Leading West- Midlands cash & carry group uses digital signage solution from Dynamax and Chamber TV for its newest £10m depot in Aston Birmingham. digitalsignage.NET, Dynamax’s cloud- based digital signage application powers Chamber TV’s 40’’ digital ad displays and players installed in a portrait style across five checkouts, showing third party adverts of leading brands within the store. Other landscape displays located between the isles are used to display East End’s news and communications.

The relationship with East End Foods started in 2009, with one digital signage install at the Darwin Street, Birmingham branch that was quickly followed by a five screen installation at Steelbright Road, Smethick, West Midlands. At present, East End Foods’ digital signage network, funded exclusively by third party advertising, counts thirteen displays across the group’s three sites, all run by digitalsignage.NET. The entire digital signage installation performed by Chamber TV is centrally controlled from East End’s headquarters using Dynamax’s application digitalsignage.NET to power the out-of-the-box digital signage solution that will be the first non-food item to be sold by East End Foods.

This long-term relationship will enable Chamber TV to supply its Out-of-the-Box, All in One SMIL Wi-Fi Digital Posters that will be launched in May and run by digitalsignage.NET in all of the three East End Foods depots- Aston Cross, Central Birmingham and Smethick.

Starting with June 2012, they will be the first non-food item to be marketed by the cash & carry chain, as the offer suits the type of clients addressed by East End Foods- restaurant and retail shop owners that want a quick and easy place-based digital communication and advertising solution.

The East End Foods installation has taken advantage of the following over 3 locations:

• 4 digitalsignage.NET Premium Player Networks

• 13 Screens

• Supported by a 36 month SLA

• Centrally Controlled from HQ

“We have been working with Chamber TV for 4 years and have found their digital signage solutions very effective in driving customer awareness of in-store activity. Having recently expanded our network again to our new depot at Aston which has been a successful project, we can conclude that we have always benefited greatly from the emerging technology provided through Chamber TV. Thanks to Dynamax’s digitalsignage.NET we are able to ensure a consistent branding and messaging throughout our depots.”

Jason Wouhra, Director at East End Foods

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