Colleges & Universities

We have installed many digital signage solutions in various Colleges and Universities around the UK. Below is a selection of installations, including our latest one at Preston College.

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Jan-2011: Preston College, installed a 9 screen LCD tiling video wall, and a 26″ Outdoor screen two Cloud digitalsignage.NET Premuim Player licences. The project was launched to inaugurate the £5m Visual and Performing Arts building of the Lancashire-based college that prides itself on offering modern facilities to its students for enhancing their study experience.

Warwick Student Union

April-2010: Chamber TV was recommended to Warwick Student Unions’ 11 million pound new build in November 2009 and installed 18 screens & five Cloud digitalsignage.NET Premuim Player licences in 2010, 10 screens incorporated Live TV within the application, & Sky TV as an alternative to Sub TV, 8 Digital Posters were also installed, providing internal marketing, society notices and third party advertising.

Newport Student Union

August-2010: Newport Student Union, installed 2 Digital Posters, two Cloud digitalsignage.NET Premuim Player licences which are used for society notices, internal marketing and commuications, both 42″ Digital Posters were also funded via local & national third party advertising.

Walsall College

Westminster Student Union – SmokeTV

Chamber TV works in partnership with Popcorn Outdoor Media, Popcorn will integrate SU owned Digital Posters into national advertising campaigns to generate revenues up to £3000 per pannel per annum. .
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